About us

I love Margate and the seaside generally so I decided to share my love of interior design and a new found desire to truly ‘look after’ people (who knew) by opening a holiday home just for guests. I have found my calling!

Every wonderful review makes me want to do more and more to make every guest feel special.

2018 saw the start of this business with The Penthouse Margate, closely followed by the Duplex in 2019 and the Compact Coastal Crib in May 2022.



Rates are cheaper on our website than with booking portals.  If you cancel your booking, up until 14 days before you travel, you will be receive a full refund minus a booking fee of £50. If you cancel within 14 days, you will lose 100% of your payment.


House Rules

Please reach out to me through my mobile or via email when booking direct. I will endeavour to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your stay and the result of this would be the receipt of a 5* review which I would greatly appreciate, so do let me know if something falls below your expectations so I can fix it quickly.

'Check-in starts at 14:00 at The Penthouse, 16:00 at The Duplex and 15:00 at The Compact Coastal Crib. Check-out must be completed by 12:00 noon at The Duplex and 10:00 at The Penthouse and 11 am at the Compact Coastal Crib when your stay is over.

Please do the following when leaving: Close and lock all windows. Turn off all lights and small appliances and turn central heating down to 16 degrees. 

1. Smoking/Drug Policy: There is no smoking or drugs allowed in or around both properties - by anyone staying or visiting. If you are a smoker and you got a reservation then it was a mistake. Marijuana is also not allowed anywhere on our property – along with any other recreational drugs. A rule break may result in a deduction of up to £100 from any security deposit (if applicable).

2. Guests of Guests: All overnight guests must be approved in advance through the booking process and are subject to an additional fee as noted in the price. This must be done no later than 24 hours prior to check-in and paid for at that time. Failure to do this is a violation of our House Rules; no entry/no refund if you violate the rules.

3. Noise; Music and voice volume should be at a considerate level. There is a Minut device which monitors decibels, heat, mould, humidity and motion in both properties. It does not record conversations, just the level of noise to protect neighbours and the conditions of my lease. Please do not make excessive noise during your stay.

4. Deliveries: Deliveries - apart from food deliveries - are not allowed. This means no Amazon shipments either. There are "Amazon Lockers" located throughout the neighbourhood where you may pick up deliveries at your convenience.

5. Makeup and Towels: Please do not remove makeup using the towels, there are cotton wool pads placed in the bathroom and makeup remover cloths (bedroom drawer) for your convenience. Please ensure that all towels are left in the laundry basket ready for collection when you check out.

6. Wooden countertops: Do not clean the hob with any abrasive and do not the wooden surfaces for hot pans or cutting, use the trivets and cutting boards!

7. Using the Sofa-bed; Bedding is supplied (Penthouse and Duplex) in the left hand pull up side of the sofa bed when extra guest(s) have been declared and paid for. Care has been taken to provide guests with a large sleeping area by way of a pull-out bed. The back-support cushions come off to provide with a large sleeping area. Please take care when pulling on the loops, pull slowly, do not jerk it as this will cause damage.

8 Appliances not belonging to the property: No appliances of any kind (other than personal items such as phones, tablets, laptops etc) are allowed to be brought onto the property. This includes but is not limited to space heaters, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc.

9. Furniture: The bed, sofa bed, chairs and appliances, etc are not to be moved around - even if you intend to put them back after your stay.

10. Complimentary products. We want to go over and beyond to supply you with many products for your enjoyment, during your stay. Please use them freely and take what you have opened (leaving unopened or unwanted items to other guests) but do not take any baskets or other containers with you. Please leave the small alcohol bottles for reuse.

11. No deep fat frying - due to fire risk. There is a fire extinguisher by the front door and a fire blanket in the cupboard to the left of the Hob.

12. By booking this listing you agree not to use the WiFi for file-sharing networks and systems, including BitTorrent; no exceptions. If systems on our network are found to connect to these sites it will be considered a breach of House Rules and you will be told to check-out.

13. Television: There is a large 42-inch TV in the lounge. It is a Smart TV and there are many apps so you can gain access to Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, Curzon and many more apps. Freeview is also available on the TV. You can log on with the existing account but the purchase options are password protected so if you have your own accounts, I would recommend using them but you will have to ensure that your credentials are erased before check-out.

14. Apartment Temperature. The apartment is very well insulated, as a result, you may want to keep the heating turned down to about 18 degrees. It’s easy to use the temperature control but once it gets hot, opening windows will activate the heat so make sure you set it to a low temperature before you open the windows!

15. Sonos One The Sonos One is enabled to play Spotify and Audible and other apps. Alexa is also enabled. We cannot be responsible if it (or any device) if it loses connection during your stay. Please set up the app on your iPhone/Smartphone or select the speaker to work directly from Spotify.

16. Echo Dot/iPad mini. Please follow the provided instructions if you wish to use them.

Health & Safety Medical Emergencies: Hospital: Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother Hospital, St Peter's Rd, Margate CT9 4AN. For Ambulance, Police and Emergency, please dial 999. Non-emergency NHS Health direct, dial 111. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

We are equipped with two carbon monoxide alarms in both properties; one in the hall close to the Double bedroom of the Duplex and the other in the hall of The Penthouse is in the kitchen.

Our kitchens are brand new. All manuals for the Washer/Dryer/Refrigerator/Microwave/Dishwasher and induction Hob are located in the kitchen drawers. Dishwashers do save more water and energy than hand-washing dishes. Please use it when necessary. Tablets are under the sink. Please only use what you need.

Crockery: All of the dishes and glasses are located in the upper cabinet next to the sink. Silverware & Utensils are located in the drawer between the stove and fridge. Kitchen towels, napkins & Tea towels are located to the left of the oven, in a drawer. Other Odds & Ends: Hot water kettle, toaster, cutting board, bread bin, coffee cafeteria, coffee pod drinks maker (4 capsules are provided along with 4 x milk portions, sugar and a range of teas to include regular tea is provided with our compliments along with full use of any other items within the kitchen, like oils, sugar, condiments etc). There is also a cutting board, pots and pans, kitchen roll, cooking utensils, knives and forks etc. Linen/Cleaning/Consumables.

We provide dish soap and sponges for you to clean your kitchen area as well as bath area during your stay. If there is an accidental spill, please let us know. Do not try to "help" by spraying cleaning products on them - or any of the furniture.

Rubbish: There is a rubbish bin in the kitchen which would suit most short stay guests. There is a refuse area to the left of the property for black bags and recyclables.